Saturday, 9 April 2016

Go for launch

Hello everyone! 

I'm talking to next to nobody right now, but a blog isn't a blog without a blog post to go with it..
So here's a blog post!

In this post I'll just be talking about my experiences setting up the site and the blog, and a bit about what you can expect to find here.

Setting Up

I've finally managed to get my website set up, which is currently pointing to my portfolio. The portfolio website is great, I'm very happy with how it's turned out. I should probably give it a proofread and make sure everything on there is 100% correct, but it's close enough for now I reckon.

The site on mobile looks good too.. but it misses a few things. I'm a software developer, not a web developer, so I might need to get someone else to look in to it. It's nothing major, for the most part it looks fine, it's just a few icons cut from the bottom.

As I just said, I'm a software dev, not a web one. This is my first time properly buying and setting up a domain. DNS can be such a headache. I think I've got it working now.. I think. But who knows? I'll know if it's all good and proper now in 48 hours time, when everything has had a chance to settle.

What is this blog about?

Well, mainly I'm going to be posting tidbits of development progress on various projects and learning journeys, and possibly even some tutorials on some things. If you've found this blog at all, chances are it's something to do with the Unity Engine, or you've even come here straight from /r/Unity3D as I'm an avid user of that. Most of the content that will be showing up here will be related straight to Unity, if not all of it.

There's quite a few projects I'm working on, and some of these are linked in my Portfolio You can check out what they're like at the moment, and I might continue working on some of them, and documenting what's going on with them, and how I've done certain things here, when I get around to it.

I've run a blog for Beyond Orbit before, one of the projects that is listed on the portfolio. It was a fun process, sometimes it's good to sit down and just write normal words (not code!), much like I am now. So we'll see how often I can find the time to do this, and put some sort of (b)log - get it? - behind everything I'm doing.

Finishing Up

So if you're here, and this is all you've seen so far, I can only say - Thank you for checking me out! Why not stick around? Favorite, bookmark, subscribe to RSS feed, or hey, even add a shortcut to this page on your desktop! Also, don't forget there's my portfolio you can check out, and I'm on Twitter  too!

I plan on sticking around and posting regular content and updates through this blog, and it would be great to share it with you as part of the audience.

So until next time..
Bejasc... out!